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I-K-I goes beyond manufacturing to create tailored solutions to support companies and the many challenges of modern supply chain management.

Service, Flexibility, Innovation.

Experts in Aerosols. We work with companies to develop ideas into successful products. Our ability to scale from 1,200 unit test runs, to large scale retail campaigns quickly and efficiently makes us the clear choice for marketers of all sizes. Driven by innovation, quality and flexibility, IKI provides services to move products from concept to shelf faster and more cost effectively than any other company in the industry.

Our approach places importance on long term relationship between vendors, customers and employees and seeks to create alignment between supply chain stakeholders, with a goal of providing industry best service.

Packaging Aerosols Since 1955.

From humble beginnings with 5 employees and beer tap for a filling machine, IKI has grown to be one of the best respected companies in the aerosol industry. The company and it’s dedication to family and world class service was the dream of Stanley and Marilyn Midtbo. Founded in 1955, we have grown to service customers both large and small, domestically and around the world.

Specialized Contract Aerosol Packaging

Successful marketers don’t trust their aerosol products with just anyone. When it comes to aerosols, companies large and small choose I-K-I for their production needs.


Greener Aerosol

We are committed to a progressive strategy of recycling and energy conservation to ensure that our business practices are beneficial to the future of our customers, our families and our world.